Make Your Own Pizza Kits

Smokin Street Food was first opened as a Pop Up Pizza Gazebo, we welcomed our brand new Wood Fired Pizza Truck in Feb 2020, just as we were getting going, lock down took over and so in early April we had to diversify and started to produce "Make your own pizza" kits.


We thought if we can't cook pizza for you; then we can do the next best thing and provide all you need to make your own!  Using our hand made dough and and home smoked ingredients to cook amazing pizzas in your home oven. We have even made a short video on how to make the bases which you can find below. 


It was a great success for the last 12 months but as our lives hopefully return to some sort of normal we have decided to end our weekly deliveries and offer a more bespoke Pizza Party Package instead for that special occasion.


If you would like to order a Kit, please do email us at  for a price list and you can place your order for your ideal delivery date and we can send you a quote. (Please note minimum order of £30 applies plus delivery) 

Your Results....

We love to see your masterpieces, please do share your end results on our facebook or instagram pages @smokinstreetfood, if you have already then you may spot one of your creations in our gallery above. The beauty of the kits is that you can add whatever toppings you like and they don't have to be savory you could make a sweet pizza!!!! Or even better use an extra dough ball to make your own dough balls.... 

And don't worry if your unsure what to do, we have made a short video to help you.

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