Make Your Own Pizza Kits

Delivered to your door in the Basingstoke, Tadley and Fleet areas.

Smokin Street Food was first opened as a Pop Up Pizza Gazebo, we welcomed our brand new Wood Fired Pizza Truck in Feb 2020, just as we were getting going, lock down took over and so in early April we had to diversify and started to produce "Make your own pizza" kits.

We thought if we can't cook pizza for you; then we can do the next best thing and provide all you need to make your own!  Using our hand made dough and and home smoked ingredients to cook amazing pizzas in your home oven.

Its taken off beautifully, providing something fun to do for anyone and everyone in the safety of your own home, delivered to your door with contactless payment.

We set up a dedicated site for you to order your kits in various sizes with lots of extra topping options and brownies!!!

07817 551783

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